The 5 Biggest Mysteries of the 80s

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Richard Gere and the hamster

Richard Gere is undoubtedly one of the biggest actors of the 80s and in a career spanning 40 years to date has made some truly remarkable films in spite of a rather obnoxious rumour that's plagued him since the 80s. The rumour is that he was admitted to an emergency room in Ceders-Sinai California with Gerbil stuck in his rectum and had to have a gerbilectomy. Whilst this rumour has since been part of popular culture with references being noted in the film Scream, South Park and even BBC play safe sitcom "The Vicar of Dibley", it's completely false. In medics history there has never been a reported case of a gerbil being removed from anyone's behinds and it's believed the rumour started as a false news story with many claiming the credit over the years. The Orifice....sorry Officer and and gentleman star even blamed Sly Stallone for starting the rumour as they had an on set altercation ( Stallone elbowed Gere in the face for dropping mustard on his car seat )back on the 70's leading to one of the longest Hollywood feuds in history and to this day they don't talk but whatever the truth is about Richard Gerebil there is no doubt that it makes a fascinating read.
Verdict: false

Is Tom cruise gay?

Whilst this 80s heartthrob has three marriages to his name to three of the most attractive women in Hollywood it’s important to remember that these rumours have dogged him in spite of this for his whole career. Whilst marriage isn’t proof of heterosexuality (Elton John, Rock Hudson etc) you would think that in today’s current climate of acceptance that if he was then would anyone even care? His involvement with the church of Scientology and his alleged role as second in command perhaps add fuel to these whispers (not to mention his famous volleyball scene on Top Gun).
Verdict jury’s out

Was Jamie Lee Curtis born a man?

As long as there’s been Jamie Lee Curtis there’s been a salacious rumour that she was born an hermaphrodite. The “evidence” is based largely on her name (being unisex) and the fact all of her children were adopted. Whilst there a e a couple of known intersex actors, unlike the sports or fashion world there has never been one of any real stature. Whilst Jamie doesn’t fit into “hollowwood”unrealistic terms of beauty for many people she is somewhat of a sex symbol and I can’t help but feel these rumours come from a place of jealousy of her hugely successful career from those who have achieved far less.
Verdict false

Is there a ghost caught on film in “Three men and a baby”?

Whilst the film came out in 1990 it was shot in the 80s and besides it’s too good a mystery not to include.
The rumour goes that the ghost of a boy can be seen hiding behind a curtain in a pivotal scene. You can clearly see the figure of someone standing in the background and he looks way out of place in old fashioned clothes and pale colours.
Sadly the ghost story was later to be proved false, the pale figure was in face a prop, a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson left there as a prank. Perhaps the bigger mystery is was the studio behind the rumour to help push video sales? Tom Selleck who started in the film seems to think it’s a possibility.
Verdict : False

Gene Simmons cows tongue

Perhaps the strangest rumour of the decade was that star of 80s rock band Kiss had a cows tongue used to replace his own. The length of his tongue is legendary, the kind of thing that could catch a fly off a shelf from 50 paces away and I so want this rumour to be true......
But it’s not, his unusually large clacker is genetic (or should that be Gene-tic) and whilst it may look great on stage and have its benefits 😉 ( for eating I cream I mean) it’s his own and not bovine.

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