The Lost Boys Revisited 30 years on

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So what’s the best Vampire movie ever made?

Twilight? Bite me...

Nope it's a well known fact that Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Lost Boys is the number one vampire film ever made. I'm sure If Dracula was alive today (he may be who knows) this is the one he would pick.

The Lost Boys is a fantastic action packed 80s classic featuring a stellar teen (ish) cast, a murderous soundtrack and some of the most stylish looking vampires you'll ever see on screen (imagine Bob Jovi meets The Warriors). Here is a little blog I made in honour of one of my all time favourite films and if you happen to agree on the films awesomeness then you are truly one of us.

What makes a truly blockbuster film? I would argue any film wanting such a label has to have several things. Firstly a strong idea, a concept backed up by a mixture of fresh faced and experienced actors in their prime. Throw in some truly breathtaking cinematography and back this all up with a stellar soundtrack and you are ALMOST there. The last part of the recipe is just that pure magic that comes when a film hits at the right time and all the components are there.

The lost boy movies is in essence a teen vampire action comedy that came out when Buffy was still in nappies. Set in the fictitious town of Santa Carla (tightly based on "murder capital" Santa Cruz, it follows the story of new arrival Michael and his fascination with a half vampire girl called Star and his initiation into her motorcycle/vampire gang. As Michael realises he too is turning into a vampire he asks his younger brother Sam (played by Cory Haim) for some help and together with the frog brothers (Played by Cory Feldman and Jamison Newlander) they go about turning the curse by killing the head Vampire. Packed with action, sex, rock n roll and more action this film is really of its time and really helped launch the careers of the younger cast. The two Cory’s as they were known then went on to appear in several films together in the future and Keifer Sutherland became one of Hollywood’s most desired actors. 

The reception of this film was immense taking $30 million (almost three times its budget) as well as making fortunes on the rental markets. Critics and fans alike praised the movie and people even to this day visit the locations where some of the iconic scenes were shot, even the comic book store is still there (albeit in a new location). Its success spawned a couple of sequels but they never captured the imagination of the public in quite the same way and even appearances from the two Cory’s couldn't boost enough interest for them to ignite in the same way. 

For me personally this is one of the all time best 80s movies, sure it's about as deep as a pancake but the sheer adrenaline and pace of the film alone makes the experience worthwhile. As well as some classic lines "who needs a TV when you have a TV guide" don't forget the killer soundtrack (pun intended) featuring Roger Daltry covering Elton's "don't let the sun go down on me", Lou Gramm’s "lost in the shadows" and G Macs haunting track "Cry Little Sister". I'll leave you with the movies classic tagline.. "Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire"...that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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