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Hello and welcome to Popgun’s first official blog post!

Popgun has been through many trials and tribulations, past band members and website redesigns to bring you the finished and accomplished product we have today – Popgun: Sounds of the 80s!

The aim of our new blog is to bring you the latest in 80s news, such as film and music anniversaries or 80s band reformations, gig updates, band diaries and personal sentiments from each member of the band – mutually shared or exclusive to the writer of the blog post.

No matter what the topic, our blog posts will share the same ambition as our studio recordings and our live performances – to entertain those with a passion for the 80s!


We will be touching on subjects that emphasise just how much we adore playing hits from the 80s. As a band, we work tirelessly to ensure that we perfect every song we include in our repertoire – as well as working on new 80s hits to see if they make the grade for our exclusive set list.

It’s rather astounding that only two of our band members were born in the 1980s. This just goes to show you how infectious and magical this era is that, once it gets its grasp on you, its very hard to let go of it yourself – which is definitely a good thing, as embracing the 80s has had a truly magnificent impact on our lives.

We’re delighted to say that the 80s generation has shaped who we are, as it has shaped future generations, and we’re proud to let it inspire us and our Popgun performances for a very long time to come.


Films that allowed us to feel the mystique and atmosphere of the 80s include Lethal Weapon (turned 30 on March the 6th), The Lost Boys (turns 30 on July 31st) and Dirty Dancing (turns 30 on August 21st). We will blog about these films individually in future blog posts to come.

We will also write about music acts from the 1980s that have inspired us, and continue to inspire us, and the way we perform and think about 80s songs.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our future blog posts, and if you have any questions regarding our 80s inspirations or suggestions regarding future blog topics, please feel free to get in touch – we always love to hear feedback and ideas from our fans!

Thanks for reading and make sure you keep an eye out for our next blog post.




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