The 5 best bands from The 80s that you've never heard...

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The Fixx

The Fixx are another one of those bands that had monster success in America yet failed to bother the uk charts. Hailing from London, the band fronted by the wickedly named Cy Curnin rode the New Wave sound right through the 80s and their hits included "Red Skies", "Saved By Zeros" and "One Thing Leads To Another" which was featured in "Desperately Seeking Susan". 

The Outfield

With a sound like pure American Radio yet a band that hailed from London, the Outfield were a curious band. Much like Def Leppard before them and Bush after, they were massive in the USA yet failed to catch on over in the U.K. Their breakthrough hit "Your Love" earned them a place on American pop rock radio forever and their subsequent released did well too but their popularity waned in the 90s. Since the death of guitar player John Spinks sadly in in 2014 the band have spilt up but have left with them a substantial musical legacy.


FM are a powerhouse of a band. With that same rock pop sound that propelled Bon Jovi and the like to super stardom, FM should have been the biggest band on the planet but for whatever technical reasons it never happened for them. Let that take nothing away from their exemplary debut album "Indiscreet" which is filled with killer 80s anthems and some of the most soulful vocals you will ever hear. Nowadays FM have enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence in popularity and still haven't made a bad album since their incarnation. Perhaps only now have truly gained the recognition they deserve. Stop whatever you are doing and go listen to them!.

The Romantics

The Romantics were a 70s band who didn't have any real success until their million selling album "In Heat" in 1983. From that largely forgotten about record the hit song "Talking in your sleep" was a smash in the USA, Canada and Australia but never really threatened the charts over in the UK (although recently featured in the Netflix smash Stranger Things). Their music is best described as New Wave Power Pop and perhaps their only other claim to fame was Clem Burke occupied the drum stool from the tail of the 80s right up to 2005. 

Killing Joke

Formed in London at the end of the 70's their debut eponymous album was released in 1980. Apart from their hit song "Love Like Blood" the band themselves perhaps never saw the same success as their influence had on other bands. Put simply bands like Metallica, (the hugely influential) Faith No More, Jane's addiction and NIN have all covered them and cited their music as a key influence on their own sounds. Further proof can be found in KJ's song "eighties" being totally ripped off by Kurt Cobain in "Come as you are". A hugely underrated band with some sounds and ideas miles ahead of their time.

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