Tom Petty 6 Months After

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So it's been over 6 months since the passing of Tom and I felt it's the right time to write a blog about how much his music meant to me. I hope you enjoy it or at least can relate this perhaps to some of your own thoughts and feelings about Tom and his untimely death.

Tom Petty for me was the guy I played at full volume on the first summers day in my car while driving to nowhere in particular. I can't remember the first time I heard him but I know his music was played in my house growing up and it felt like his voice was always there in the background; the soundtrack to my life at least and I'm sure for millions of others.

His style was unique and his ability to genre cross well known. He was the rock n' Rollin', new wave but last of the old vanguard Americans pop star. Whilst Toms talents were exceptional credit where it's due to his band The Heartbreakers who faithfully served him his entire career adding to the magic to all those amazing records and world tours.

His songs were usually short but deep stories of love, family and friendship and like any good story usually contained a message of hope or positivity. Testament to his talents that in the week of his passing bands such as Coldplay, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Ryan Adams, Miley Cyrus,Bon Dylan, John Fogerty,Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Chris Stapleton, Ke$ha,Fleet Foxes, Kings Of Leon and Bon Jovi buy to name a few made space in their shows to cover one of his songs in tribute. Popgun also paid our own tribute by playing Free Fallin' for weeks after his passing at our shows which perhaps meant more to me than some of the other guys but I'm grateful for them for doing so.

I always admired his attitude whenever other artists borrowed heavily from him; rather than condemn he would simply pass it off an an unintentional borrow.

Tom life wasn't without it's problems what with losing his mum at an early age, and losing Howie Epstein(his longtime bass player) to drugs in the 00's shortly after a hard fought divorce but he had a way of capturing some of his finest songs through channelling that heartache and emotion (Wallflowers and Southern Accents come to mind).

I started this blog a few days after his passing but I've only returned to it recently because as ridiculous as it might sound to some people his music meant a lot to me and his passing was akin to losing an uncle or something and this winter since this sad news has been harsh but I know that soon the suns coming back and I'll make sure to pull out those Tom Petty albums, roll the top down (if I could), turn the stereo to 40 (why do car stereos only go that high; another blog perhaps) and take a drive.....

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